Professional Percussion Rentals in San Francisco & Los Angeles

Mallet Instrument Rental

Gong Rental

Crasher – Sabian Chopper

Original developed by Pete Engelhart, we have a variety of crasherz and other short, dry, metallic sounds effects including the Sabian Chopper in several sizes

Anvil Rental

We have a wide variety of anvils available to product that perfect metallic sound.

Steel square, steel pipes, metal plates, railroad ties, etc.

Slapstick Rental

We have a large variety of slapsticks from Toca, Ludwig, and Roger Klein of the Chicago Symphony, as well as ones we have made ourselves.

LP Giovanni Galaxy Conga Rental

LP Giovanni Galaxy Gong Rental

We offer the complete line of LP Giovanni Galaxy Congas and have multiples of each drum available for rental.  So if you prefer Tumba/Tumba/Conga or Tumba/Conga/Conga, we have you covered.

Available Sizes:  Tumba, Conga, Quinto, & Requinto

China Cymbals

China Cymbal Rental

These traditional China Cymbals have have a flanged edge and produce a very trashy, short, dark crash.

Available size:

10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″

Chinese Jing Cymbals

We have many sizes of traditional Chinese Jing Cymbals usually found in Peking Opera, but now widely composed for in solo percussion, percussion ensemble, and orchestral repertoire.

Chinese Taiko Drum

This Chinese Drum has a 30″ tacked, calfskin head and is played flat.  The powerful projection of this drum nails you right in the gut and is a great substitute for a Japanese Taiko Drum.

Chinese Tom Toms Paigu – Tunable

Inventory includes sets of single headed and double headed, tunable, authenic Chinese Tom Tom (Paigu).  They are beautiful hand-painted drums that sounds as good as they look.  Thick calf heads allows you to really lay into these drums and they have great projection.

These come with traditional stands and can also be mounted on a basket style snare drum stand.

California Percussion Rental celebrates 15th Annivesary

California Percussion Rental celebrates its 15th year in the percussion rental business as of July 2016! A big thanks you to all of our loyal customers! Our inventory keeps growing with new additions including Walter Light Mark XIV timpani, a Schiedmayer 5.5 Studio Celesta and Schiedmayer Keyboard Glockenspiel, and new Russian Bell Plates!

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Aspen Music Festival Percussion Rental 2016

For the 6th year in a row California Percussion Rental provided the entire percussion rental for the Aspen Music Festival & School. This summer was the largest order to date, filling two 53 ft semi-trucks!

California Percussion Rentals opens new Los Angeles warehouse!

We're very excited to announce the opening of California Percussion Rental - Los Angeles, aka Cal Perc-LA. July 2016 marks our 15th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than adding a new location to serve the Great Los Angeles/Southern California area. Visit our new website at
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